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Women’s Health

Healthy Conception, Fertility, Pregnancy & Hormonal Health in Montreal

Healthy Conception

Our Healthy Conception Program focuses on balancing hormones in order to increase the chance of natural conception as well as improve outcomes of IUI and IVF. Frequently the cause of infertility is considered unknown if all lab and test results are within the normal parameters. A healthy conception program will work on each individuals unique hormone imbalance by examining the basal body temperatures, length of the cycle, the length of the luteal and follicular phases as well as any discomfort, vaginal discharge or emotional changes that often occur around ovulation and menstruation. These variables will be indicators of hormone imbalances that may not always show up on blood work. Our healthy conception program will help to make the gentle hormone shifts that are necessary to improve chances of conception.

Healthy Pregnancy – Mom and Baby

A healthy pregnancy will create a healthy child. Our Healthy Pregnancy Program prepares women for conception, follows them throughout their pregnancy to ensure optimal nutrient support for their developing baby, and provides guidance to prepare for labor and delivery. Furthermore, our program will support the individual to make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices in order to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy related ailments including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, post partum depression and difficult lactation. It will also help to reduce common symptoms that occur during and after pregnancy such as constipation nausea/ vomiting, edema, back pain and mastitis.

Healthy Hormones

Conditions related to hormone imbalance include PMS, menstrual discomfort, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, vaginal dryness, thyroid imbalance and infertility. Studies continue to show the correlation between environmental toxins and nutritional status to hormonal balance. Our Healthy Hormone Program focuses on decreasing exposure to environmental toxins, supporting the detoxification pathways to reduce toxic burden and improve hormone balance.