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Integral Sound Healing

Sound Therapy in Montreal

Sound Healing Montreal

Sound therapy is one of the most ancient practices to achieve wellness of body, mind and spirit. Like tuning an instrument, your body can be tuned as well.

Harmonious sound vibrations relax the mind, re-align emotional and mental imbalances, heal body ailments and create holistic rejuvenation in a natural and safe way. It helps you clear energetic blockages and thus facilitates healing on a physical and mental level. For example, the resonance from tuning forks have the ability to bring your nervous system, muscle tone, chakras and organs into harmonic balance.


Through pure frequencies and vibrations, your body enters a deep state of relaxation, feeling centred, and your mind is at peace. Scientifically speaking, tuning forks activate nitric oxide in the body which is a powerful vasodilator that relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels, and therefore as a whole, creates a powerful foundation for long-term emotional and physical wellbeing.

When a healthy work-life balance is lost, what is needed is to remove inner obstacles from the sub-conscious mind, to shift the mind from a chaotic state, to a meditative state, thereby enhancing mindfulness in your every day. Retune your body with integral sound healing to bring it back into sublime homeostasis by inducing a unified and peaceful feeling within you.

Bianca Morello Sound Therapy Sound Healing West Island Montreal Canada

Bianca Morello offers integral sound therapy treatments at our West-Island, Montreal, clinic.

Bianca’s passion and commitment is to help her clients achieve their goals in self-care and self-compassion, through finding balance for mind, body and spirit, in a safe and non-judgmental space.

She believes that our intention creates our reality and that mental and physical health is truly the foundation of anyone’s well-being.

Energy balancing therapy, a soft yet very effective way to self-heal, can be very beneficial in connecting the mind, body & spirit.

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