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Healthy Detoxification

Personalized Detoxification Plans

Our modern life exposes us to a large variety of harmful chemicals. Over the past few years, there has been an ever-growing amount of information appearing in scientific journals, books and the media on toxicity. Due to the increased amount of chemicals entering our atmosphere, it makes it more difficult for our bodies to eliminate them as fast as they are entering our systems.

This has led to an increased body burden as the chemicals get stored in the fatty tissues of the body, where they become more concentrated and begin to do damage. Some of the problems that accumulated toxins have been implicated in are certain types of cancer, autoimmune conditions, multiple chemical sensitivities, arthritis, digestive disorders, heart disease, weight gain and other chronic degenerative disease.

A healthy detoxification program improves symptoms of weight gain, low energy, headache, anxiety, frequent colds, and joint pain among others.

Detox Programs
Just for You

Naturopathic medicine has an individualized approach to healthcare, therefore, an individual and seasonal detoxification program will be recommended based on your individual needs. Information on how to avoid daily toxin exposures will be provided along with your personalized detoxification plan. Find out what type of a detoxification plan would be suitable for you!