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Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing

Benefits of Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing helps to stimulate the skin’s elimination and lymph glands. This stimulation encourages cell reproduction and helps accelerate the removal of toxins via the skin— the largest eliminating organ of the body!Dry Skin Brushing

– opens the pores to remove toxins
– exfoliates and removes dead skin
– increases blood circulation
– enhance skin tone
– reduces cellulite
– enhances lymphatic flow
– anti-aging through cell regeneration


– Start at the soles of the feet using a circular motion, moving over the toes and up the legs toward the hips.
– Brush the palm of one hand and then raise that arm and continue to brush in a circular motion down towards the armpit. Repeat procedure on other arm. Again, always brush towards the heart because this encourages the return flow of blood and boosts lymphatic flow as well. . Women need to brush along the inner arm alongside the breast and to the heart to ensure the elimination of toxins at those nodes. Lightly brush the breast area avoiding the nipples. Brush under the breast area where there are lymph nodes.
– Always brushing in a circular motion, brush the back (upward), abdomen (clockwise), neck and shoulders (downward).
– A shower should follow dry skin brushing and a sauna session. This will remove sweat and any dead skin that has been loosened. Always start your shower with warm water and end with cold. Gradually adjust the water from warm to cold letting the cold water run over your feet first and moving up your body. Do not let the cold water hit your heart or head first as this can cause a slight shock to the body. Start with 3 minutes of comfortably warm water in the shower, followed by less than one minute of cool water. This hot and cold cycle is repeated at least once. Always finish with cold water. Contrasting hot/cold showers further stimulates blood circulation.


– Never ever Skin Brush over inflamed areas e.g. open cuts, swollen sores, varicose leg veins.
– Under no circumstances Skin Brush during an active cancer condition or over enflamed lymph nodes.
– Don’t brush on sunburnt skin.
– Stay away from bust and genitals region.
– If pregnant get medical professional’s advice primary prior to skin brushing.
– Never body brush on freshly shaved legs.
– Also, avoid over skin brushing as it may cause the skin to become red with abrasions.

In Health,
Vicky Rizothanassis ND
Naturopathic Doctor

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