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Children’s Health

Personalized plans for your child

Naturopathic Care for Children

Our pediatric health program in Montreal involves the development of a personalized plan for each child’s individual needs.

Each child’s plan will be based on their personal susceptibilities, their environmental exposures, their emotional health as well any nutritional deficiencies.

We feel it is important to teach children healthy eating habits from the introduction of their first foods. If we teach our children the value of a healthy diet and proper exercise at a young age, it increases the chance of them adopting these healthy habits into their adolescence and adulthood.

The health plans may include the recommendation of dietary changes as well as the use of herbs, nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies.

Most Common
List of Ailments

The most common pediatric ailments that are seen by naturopathic doctors include eczema, asthma, seasonal allergies, constipation, ADHD, Autism, sleep disturbances, ear infections, and food sensitivities.