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Catherine Moore-Downey BA RNCP

Holistic nutrition guidance, customized eating plans, sports nutrition, individual and group weight loss and supplement counselling

Catherine Moore-Downey graduated from McGill University with a degree in Industrial Relations and worked in the business field for several years.

When her children were young, she decided she wanted a career change. While training for a half marathon she began learning more about the importance of nutrition and the impact it had on her training. Having had a life long interest in health and wellness, it was a natural transition to pursue an education in nutrition.

In 2010, Catherine graduated at the top of her class and earned a certificate of merit from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Catherine is certified as a FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Educator, a therapeutic lifestyle program designed by healthcare practitioners from the Institute of Functional Medicine. She is also a member of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals.

Catherine offers individual nutritional consulting, customized eating plans, sports nutrition, individual and group weight loss and supplement counseling. She assists clients based on their own individual needs and develops dietary and lifestyle changes that help improve their health and well being. Catherine motivates clients to achieve their goals by becoming active participants in their own health. They work together to find a diet that is functional and practical to fit everyone’s individual lifestyle. She will educate you on integrating healthier food choices and empowering you with the knowledge and necessary tools to improve your health for life. Catherine is also part of a team that offers an 8 week Healthy Living Weight Loss Program.

Holistic Nutrition is based on a diet high in natural, wholesome foods that can aid in the prevention of diseases, the promotion of healing and the achievement of optimal health.