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Bianca Morello

Providing Integral Sound Healing therapy in Montreal and Ontario

Sound Healing in Montreal

Bianca is a certified Integral Sound Healing, Reiki and IET Practitioner.

Bianca’s passion and commitment is to help her clients achieve their goals in self-care and self-compassion, through finding balance for mind, body and spirit, in a safe and non-judgmental space.

She believes that our intention creates our reality and that mental and physical health is truly the foundation of anyone’s well-being.

Energy balancing therapy, a soft yet very effective way to self-heal, can be very beneficial in connecting the mind, body & spirit.

Sound therapy, specifically, is one of the most ancient practices to achieve wellness of body, mind and spirit. It uses harmonious sound vibrations to relax the mind, re-align emotional and mental imbalances, heal body ailments and create holistic rejuvenation in a natural way. Energy work focuses on clearing blockages, disturbances, or imbalances in the human energy field. It is a whole-body treatment. The power of sound improves not only mood but also physical symptoms such as chronic pain, lowers stress levels, and people experience fewer mood swings.


When a healthy work-life balance is lost, what is needed is to remove inner obstacles from the subconscious mind, to shift the mind from a chaotic state, to a meditative state, thereby enhancing mindfulness in your every day.


As a working mom, entrepreneur and wife, finding mental & physical balance does have its challenges. However, focusing on self-healing through holistic modalities, positive affirmations, spirituality and work on mindfulness has been a daily reminder for me to become the best version of myself. I believe it is a daily journey to embrace. The idea is to develop the capacity to think and respond with more compassion towards ourselves and others. Self-care and self-compassion is not a sign of selfishness or weakness, it is a sign of strength. and it all begins when we Love ourselves first. Join me on a journey to live a more glowing life through emotional and physical self-healing, self-acceptance and mind-body connection.