At the Montreal West Island Integrative Health Centre, we believe that you deserve to enjoy vibrant health. We seek to find the naturopathic root cause of any health concerns or imbalances, and create a plan to help guide you on your path to wellness.
Collaborative care is our goal. Naturopathic medicine does not replace conventional medical care, we believe in a patient-centred approach, where people can benefit from both forms of medicine.
We use natural, safe and effective evidence-based methods for health optimization and disease prevention. When given the right conditions, the body has an incredible innate ability to heal. Our goal is to educate and support you to attain your optimal health.
Our naturopaths are licensed and board certified in a regulated jurisdiction, and follow the standards of continuing education required by their respective boards. Naturopathic medicine is not currently regulated in the province of Quebec, as it is in other provinces across Canada. To find out more about our practitioners, visit Our Team.
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We are a collaborative care team of naturopaths, acupuncturists and nutrition consultants, centered on the needs of those seeking answers to their health concerns. Naturopathic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine bridge modern medicine and natural healing modalities to help anyone with acute and chronic symptoms achieve a better quality of life.